Jan Franciszek GAJEWSKI

tel. 89/ 512-00-99, 89/ 512-05-50
tel. kom. 604-626-003

Jan Franciszek GAJEWSKI
attorney-at-law managing partner

Managing partner and co-founder of the Law Firm. Long-time academic at the Faculty of Law of Administration of the University of Warmia and Mazury and Oxford University scholarship holder. Legal MBA graduate. He coordinated establishment of the Regional Commercial Chamber of Warmia and Mazury. He has 20-year experience in advising businesses on how to solve their legal problems. In the past served as a member of management boards and supervisory boards in commercial companies and has experience as a liquidator and liquidation consultant.

Currently focuses on work management and growth of the Law Firm. Supervises the most important court proceedings and coordinates complex transactions.

His every day work includes taking over competitors, taking companies public or selling businesses. In addition, he advises businesses not only on legal issues but also on management, internal dispute resolution and current challenges related to finance, labour or market competition.

Fluent speaker of English, has a communicative knowledge of Russian.

His interests include sailing, fishing and diving.

Completed projects:

  •  Represented a plaintiff in court in a competition case against one of the leading insurance companies for 28 million zloties;
  • Handled a project to prevent a hostile takeover of a major distributor of building materials which included various court proceedings;
  • Coordinated recovery of debt amounting to 1.1 million euro on behalf of an insolvent investment fund;
  • Handled takeover of a world manufacturer of fishing lures by one of its partners;
  • Handled a restructuring and inheritance project for a boat upholstery leader on the European market;
  • Represented a company in a dispute with a management board member for returning unduly paid bonus in the amount of 1.7 million zloties;
  • Coordinated over 50 court cases brought by creditors against management board members of insolvent companies (limited liability companies and joint stock companies)