Taking over competitors, taking a company public or selling your business are common subjects breached in family or business discussions. With experience in many similar cases and knowledge of successes and failures of other entrepreneurs we can help you make better decisions and support you throughout the entire process.

We help our Clients to thoroughly verify companies or enterprises they want to purchase. A report of an unbiased advisor minimizes the risk of making a bad investment and gives a better position during negotiations.

A value of your business may be questioned and for this reason you should be well prepared before any transaction. We help to fix any long overdue formal and organizational problems. Any risks and deficiencies decrease the value of business and will be used as an argument by a potential purchaser to negotiate a lower price but you can prevent it.

The need for reorganization may result from market, financial or shareholding situation of a given business. We help to properly plan and introduce such changes in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations and the shareholders’ interests.

We support the process of transferring management of businesses to next generations. At the same time we help entrepreneurs to plan division of their property in the case of their death in a manner respecting their last will, e.g. by making sure that their business will not be interrupted or how profits are to be divided. We draft documents which guarantee that the testator’s wishes will be fulfilled.

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  • Preparing transaction documents, including memos, transaction plans, purchase agreements and security agreements
  • Participating in negotiations with business partners, financing institutions and other stakeholders
  • Due diligence on companies and key assets of enterprises.
  • Identifying, planning and implementing measures to rehabilitate or improve legal security of enterprises.
  • Transformations, divisions, mergers of enterprises and businesses.
  • Assistance in drawing up last wills, specific bequests, amendments to companies’ formation agreements in order to ensure that new generation takes over assets of an entrepreneur in accordance with his/her wishes.
  • Assistance in protection of an enterprise during court cases between (ex) spouses for division of assets.