The world of business changes rapidly. Influx of regulations, increasing sanctions and the need to deal with new challenges mean that entrepreneurs have to devote more and more of their time to handle administrative issues which do not bring profits. We understand it. We want to release our Clients from having to solve legal problems. By taking over this part of their daily routines we free their time and their stress.

We aspire to be for our Clients someone more than only their professional legal advisors. We want to be their trustworthy and reliable partners who not only participate in their businesses but also assist them in major life events by handling personal cases of managers and shareholders. The key to our professional successes and our Client’s satisfaction lays in the fact that we do not focus solely on solving a given problem. Instead, we always have a broader perspective which takes into account all aspects of our Clients’ businesses.
Our Law Firm was founded in 2010. Our team consists of 20 persons. As many of our clients are located in central Poland (Mazovia region), in 2011 we opened a branch office in Warsaw. Our successful cooperation with many French businesses acting in the territory of Poland has led us to become a member of the French Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In addition, since 2016 we have been a member of the Polish-wide network of law firms working with “Rzeczpospolita” daily economic and legal newspaper which publishes our legal news and comments on regular basis.

Our services are addressed mostly to businesses. All of our lawyers specialize in certain areas of law which enables us to provide our Clients with quick and effective solutions to their problems. We work for entrepreneurs whose profits exceed one billion zloties but most of our clients are medium-sized businesses. Our services meet the need for broader, specialized, comprehensive and systematic legal assistance. We act as an outsourced legal department for our Clients.

Please feel free to contact us if you need legal advice or assistance.


Jan F. Gajewski, attorney-at-law & Marta Trawczyńska, attorney-at-law

W liczbach

18 / 19 / 21
osobowy zespół
112 / 137 / 152
przeprowadzone transakcje
(przejęcia, fuzje, sukcesje)
662 / 698 / 742
obsłużonych klientów
20 / 27 / 31
wdrożeń ładu korporacyjnego oraz compliance
7 765 / 8 344 / 9 527
prowadzonych spraw
43 436 990 / 48.873 634 / 54 629 071
odzyskanych należności
od dłużników
21% / 24% / 23%
sektor finansowy
banki, towarzystwa ubezpieczeń,
leasing, fundusze pożyczkowe,
fundusze poręczeniowe
31% / 29% / 30%
sektor rolno-spożywczy
produkcja roślinna, produkcja zwierzęca,
przetwórstwo, produkcja pasz,
nieruchomości rolne
15% / 17% / 18%
sektor meblarski
produkcja, dystrybucja, projektowanie,
surowce, akcesoria
Dane na dzień 30 czerwca 2016/2017/2018 r.