We have a comprehensive approach to real estate. To ensure that a purchase you wish to make is as safe as possible, we thoroughly verify the legal situation of the real estate, its surroundings and the seller. We check whether there are any restrictions with respect to the manner in which you may use the real estate which are laid down in local zoning plans or result from its neighbourhood, protected areas, planned roads and other infrastructure (e.g. power grids). We actively assist in carrying out land investment projects by representing our Clients not only before authorities or in courts of law, but also in the course of social disputes related to such future investments. We support real estate holders in any proceedings in order to ensure proper use of such real estates, including in administrative and criminal proceedings.

Our experience with respect to investment projects affecting the environment (breeding farms, dumping sites, waste processing plants, airports, high emission production or industry) enables us to advice you on the best form of investment at the very beginning of the planning process. We can help you to avoid unnecessary costs and save time.

We advice on legal aspects of commercialization of real estates which includes, among others, providing solutions aimed at fast and effective recovery of debts.


  • Verifying legal situation of real estates, their surroundings and the seller.
  • Straightening out legal issues regarding real estates which includes, among others, inheritance or prescription proceedings.
  • Changing real estates’ use, including changing soil valuation classes.
  • Establishing land easements and pursuing claims for compensation for landowners.
  • Representation of landowners in proceedings to adopt a study (…) and adopt a local zoning plan, including administrative and court proceedings.
  • Locating investments which significantly affect the environment and may lead to protests of local communities.
  • Representation of real estate owners in proceedings for protection of ownership and possession.
  • Drafting rental, leasing, time-sharing agreements as well as other legal documents which give right to use a real estate.