GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is one of the most significant changes in the law and the manner in which it is applied in the last dozen or so year. It resulted from a adopting a different approach to protection of personal data which directly affects any organization. Proper implementation of GDPR allows you not only to feel safe that you will avoid these infamous financial fines wildly discussed in the media. Most of all, it will help you to adopt effective and clear regulations governing processing and protecting personal data in your organization which will be a long-term benefit.

Implementing GDPR is usually associated with a painful attempt to understand unclear and complex procedures, tons of documents and no practical meaning to your business. In our work we try to debunk this myth. In cooperation with people working inside your organization, we create documents and guidelines which are clear, easy to understand and lay down procedures adjusted to the needs of a certain business.

In our everyday work we support HR, compliance, IT departments and minimize risk in financial, agricultural, furniture and timber businesses as well as in municipal companies.

To meet the needs of our Clients we conduct many conferences and workshops where we continue to discuss GDPR regulations and help to understand them. We keep monitoring positions of Polish and European data protection authorities to be able to offer quick adjustments of solutions adopted to ever-changing practice. We offer our Clients current reports and updates of existing documents. At the request of some of our Clients we also act as Data Protection Inspectors.