attorney-at-law partner

Partner and co-founder of the Law Firm. Specializes in civil, criminal and family cases. For almost 10 years she has been both a successful lawyer and legal translator. In 2013 she was appointed a sworn translator of English. Worked for school for translators & interpreters Textem teaching classes on civil procedure and legal translation.

In the Law Firm she supervises the most important court cases. Likes big and complex cases. Advises and represents entrepreneurs not only in their business cases but also private ones, such as divorces, division of assets, criminal and criminal tax cases.

Fluent speaker of English.

Her interests include travelling and Legal English.

Completed projects:

  • Represented flat owners against a developer based in Olsztyn in one of the first class law actions in Poland which ended in a final judgement in favour of her clients;
  • Represented businesses and politicians in over 30 cases for protection of personal rights violated by media and web portals;
  • Represented an aggrieved company in 3-year complex criminal case against a former management board member for payment of undue dividend and misleading shareholders and supervisory board during division of the company with ended with a final convicting judgement;
  • Defended in criminal cases for insider trading;
  • Won at least 50 cases brought by creditors against management board members of insolvent companies;
  • Coordinated and handled at least 10 complex cases for division of marital assets, including one which concerned a business worth 20 million zloties;
  • Prepared and implemented division of property and succession projects.