attorney-at-law senior lawyer

He has been working in the Law Firm since 2012. Participated in may workshops and conferences regarding bankruptcy and reorganization law. Speaker at conferences on creditors’ rights. For nearly 10 years he has been solving problems which require knowledge of both legal regulations and business realities.

Always focused on being up to date with changes of the law and developing his skills with respect to reorganization of businesses and protecting the interests of creditors or debtors. Handles complex and multifaceted proceedings and coordinates interdisciplinary projects.

A vast part of his practice involves recovering “difficult” debts. He advises entrepreneurs and their representatives in the process of making current business decisions. He is known for his unconventional approach to solving problems.

He likes physical activities, computer games and playing chess.

Completed projects: 

  • Handled many cases against management board members of commercial companies to recover debts owned to creditors, the company itself or its shareholders,
  • Handled and coordinated many criminal cases against management board members of commercial companies,
  • Handled many proceedings to ban debtors or management board members from conducting business,
  • Represented debtors and creditors in bankruptcy and commercial cases whereby the value of claims was between a few and few dozen million zloties